SCAMS to watch for


SCAMS Scam #1

Puppy is free all you pay is shipping.

TIP: If sending on the airlines...Ask them for the confirmation # of the flight. Then call that airline and see if it's actually booked and that the booking info is correct. 

Scam #2

Scams like to use Payment like Western Union,money transfer,gift cards or any payment that is not traceable to sell their puppy. 

Tip: PayPal, credit cards, cashiers check all have protections built in and are investigated by the authorities.

Scam #3

Won't talk to you on the phone in person. 

Will only text. Poor grammar, incomplete sentence structure.

Tip: Make them have a conversation with you about the puppies for sale or facetime them. If they make excuses then something is wrong. 

Scam #4

Stock photos. 

TIP: Have them write your name on a piece of paper and hold it next to the puppy when they send you pics.

Scam #5


Not only is this hard on a puppy to be on a truck for days, they also can come into contact with other animals possibly having diseases. 

Tip: Most scams who offer ground transportation ask for money up front. Only pay after the dog has been delivered if you have to use this form of delivery.

Scam #6

Scams will only except cash as a form of payment for the puppy. They will tell you that they will meet you in a public place. They will change there mind at the last minute and try to meet you in an empty parking lot. They are going to rob you!! 

Tip: The buyer should choose the location to meet and stick to that location. Come early and check out the location ahead of  time to watch for suspicious people. Meet at a police station or at your veterinary clinic. Ask about using a cashiers check.